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EZ-EL Wire Car Kit 


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EZ-EL Wire Car Kit 

Written By: EZELWire 


Heavy Duty Side Wire Cutter Plier (1) 
4.5 Inch 115mm 

Scissors (1) 

Tekton 3504 Precision Needle Nose 
Pliers (1) 


Ez-EI 10' Green El Wire + Car Inverter 


Ez-EI 25' Green Electroluminescent 


Scotch tape (1) 

Galvanized wire (1) 
28-gauge. 100 ft. 


This guide will teach you how deck out your car with an EZ-EL Wire Car Kit. For more cool 
ideas check out https ://ez-el .com/tutorials ! 

The EZ-EL Wire Kit you will need for this project can be purchased here . 

Enter coupon code MAKEcar at checkout for a discount! 

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EZ-EL Wire Car Kit 

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# Here is what your car's interior will 
look like! 

Step 2 

• Plan out the design of the EL wire 
by mounting the EL wire onto the 
car with Scotch tape. 

• Note: 10 ft El Wire was not 
enough to fit my dashboard, 
so it is recommended to use 25 ft 

-EL Wire. 

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EZ-EL Wire Car Kit 

• Once you've designed the shape 
you wish on your car, cut about 2 
inches of galvanized wire and twist 
the ends tightly together around the 

• Use pliers to help you twist 
so it's easier on the tips of 
your fingers. 

• Use a wire cutter to cut the excess 

• Continue this process throughout 
your design. 

• Mount the EL wire onto the car 
following the mounting lines of the 
car. Begin removing the tape as 
you proceed throughout the design, 

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EZ-EL Wire Car Kit 

• Put the bass response of the Car 
Kit Inverter at a low setting to allow 
bass to respond. 

Step 6 

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1 J 


Now turn on the EL Wire, turn up 
the jams, and enjoy! 

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